Monday, October 13, 2014

Hair We Are

Having worked in a salon and with many close friends being hair stylists and salon owners, I have picked up a few trade secrets when it comes to proper hair care.. After years of struggling with styling tools, embarrassing at home blowouts and hair as dry as the dessert from over dyeing, the wrong tools and too much time in the ocean, I am proud to say no more. 

Tools of the Trade

  • Invest in good tools. Poor quality blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc. will burn your hair. Two fantastic product lines include BaByliss and Kenta 
  • Using quality hairbrushes result in quality blowouts. I am obsessed with Y.S. Park brushes 
  • Do not underestimate the importance of using hair brush specifically for wet hair when needed

The Blow-Out

  • First tousle dry/ finger dry your hair to eliminate some of the moisture before getting started.
  • Leave few inches between your hair and the dryer to allow for air circulation.
  • Dry in sections
  • Apply tension but be careful not to pull or tug on your hair
  • Keep the blow-dry moving; do not hold it stationary

Deep Conditioning Steps

  • Apply coconut oil to dry hair or olive oil to very dry hair 
  • Place hair in plastic shower cap. (Tip: Plastic bags works in pinch.)
  • Leave on for a few hours, or preferably, overnight in order for your hair to absorb the oil
  • Wash as usual

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